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Intellectual Property
Counterfeiting and Piracy; The Need For An Effective Border Control Regime

Introduction Counterfeiting and Piracy are presently acknowledged as one of the greatest global threats to creativity. Counterfeiting is the act of ...

E-Commerce Income Tax Regime in Nigeria

Introduction Historically, commercial transactions were undertaken with the traditional perception of a market in mind and taxation of these market ...

Corporate Law
A Review of Corporate Governance Codes in 2014

The complexity in the governance of corporations has continued to assume greater dimension as a result of the interplay between the directors, management, ...

E-Commerce Opportunities in Nigeria

Before the discovery of oil, the economy of Nigeria depended largely on agriculture. Upon the discovery of oil, the country’s attention shifted to oil exploration as the main driver of the economy, accounting for ...

SEO and Intellectual Property

Introduction An independent assessment of the investment market will reveal that foreign investors are increasingly willing to invest in businesses run by Nigerians who have better understanding of the local terrain ...